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"We are going to defend our country."

Translation:Nosotros vamos a defender nuestro país.

March 22, 2013



Why is "Nuestra" not accepted :-(........goodbye dear heart :-)


nuestra is not correct due to 'pais' being masculine and it takes the masculine possessive adjective


But if a group of women said they were going to defend their country, wouldn't they say nuestra pais?


Nuestro agrees with the gender of pais, not the gender of the people. It doesn't matter if all the people are feminine.


But since nuestro/nuestra refers to us, shouldn't the gender of nuestro/nuestra be determined by who we are?

Ellos/ellas is determined by the gender of the people, not the other objects you're discussing. Isn't nuestro/nuestra the same?

I know that when the gender of the noun is unknown, such as whether we are a group of girls or guys, you should always assume that it is masculine (so, nuestro). But if you do know who you are, then the gender can be determined based on yourself, not some other object. Right?


The subject is determined by the gender of the people. But with possessive pronouns they have to agree with the noun being referred to. It's used the same way as el, la, los, las, un, una, unos, unas. So if the noun was manzanas, the posessive pronoun would be nuestras. Hope this clears it up for you.


Ellos/ellas is the subject, so if it is a group of girls, it's Ellas. Just like Nosotros/Nosotras. But Nuestro/Nuestra is "our", a possessive adjective describing the noun. So its gender has to agree with noun.


cmhenry and emoore29, now that I have more experience with Duolingo, I've picked up on this on my own. Your comments have helped to clarify it for me. Thanks!


Hi peeps, don't downvote to hide a question others might also have. This comment is not spam, even if some of the understanding expressed in it contains errors. The replies to it offer a learning experience for readers. Ty! :)


I like jfgordy's response. I lost a heart too and feel your pain. I luv DL!

[deactivated user]

    ¿Quien es la madre de Rusia?


    Can't use "defendremos"?


    It should be acceptable, I reported it (3/7/15)


    In this context I think "nuestra patria" is more appropriate than " nuestro pais".


    I wrote "Vamos a defender el nuestro país" and was marked wrong. Why is it wrong?


    Power to the people!


    Should this be taken as physically going (We are being shipped out to defend our country.), or as something that will happen in the future, or both? Or is it only knowable in context?


    Can I use "Vamos a defendar su (sus) país." ?


    I wrote "Vamos a defender nuestra pais"

    It told me to use "Nacion"

    Is there a time to use one or the other??


    I used the same " pais" and i am wrong The correction "nacion" why??


    Apparently it needs to be Nuestro for Pais as Pais is a Masculine. So maybe Nuestra works with Nacion, hence the suggested change..


    Patria = fatherland, it's an appropriate word in this context!


    Duolingo dinged me for patria also.


    I have chosen both nuestra and nuestro. I don't know why it's wrong


    Oh god... please... :(


    jaja País is correct. We dont use patria


    País masculine Nuestro país Patria femenine nuestra patria Nación femenine nuestra nación

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