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German sentences HELP!!!

Are these sentences correct?

Ein Zug kommt in zwei minuten.

Er trinkt ein Bier und isst einen Apfel.

I am currently working on cases and i am getting a little confused on some questions - Please Help!!!

April 13, 2018



well... the first one is a little weird. i would go with:

In zwei Minuten kommt ein Zug.

the second is ok


Yes they are both correct. Just remember to capitalize "Minuten" since it is a noun. All nouns are capitalized in German.

Also, many Germans would say: "Ein Zug kommt in zwei Minuten an." This means "A train arrives in 2 minutes." It uses the separable prefix verb "ankommen," which means "to arrive."

You might also say "Der Zug kommt in zwei Minuten an." This means "the train arrives in 2 minutes."

You will hear "der Zug" more often, but "ein Zug" is also correct. You are correctly conjugating the article in the nominative case in this sentence.

"Er trinkt ein Bier und isst einen Apfel" is also correct. Your instinct to not write "er" twice is good. Although that would be correct too, it sounds a bit redundant (both in English and in German).

I hope that was helpful.


we would either say "der Zug kommt in 2 Minuten an" or "In zwei Minuten kommt ein/ der Zug (an)." but rarely "Ein Zug kommt in zwei Minuten an." to my ears (as a native german speaker) it is weird.


Ah interesting. Yeah I haven't heard people say it like that come to think of it. Thanks for the insight :)


Thanks you very much ;))))

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