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Having difficulty with new email notification design


I am on Windows7, Firefox 28.

I am receiving the beautiful new email notification designs. Unfortunately for me, one element of the design is causing me a some difficulty.

The new notifications I receive whenever someone follows me only includes a link to "follow user back". I only just realized this and have had to go and unfollow several people (it felt really awkward).

The previous option to just go to their profile was a very important utility for me. I like to greet each follower individually, even though I don't follow them back. (My follow list is mainly my work list, I follow mods and duo-wikians with whom I frequently work--this helps me remember who is who.)

Can we please return an option where I can go to their profile without auto follow-backs?

Thank you very much for considering this request, this is important to me. (I do understand how busy everyone is and that it might not be able to be changed. But if it could be, that would really be helpful!)


April 21, 2014



Hi Usagiboy7, Until the buttons change, I think that you can click on the blue user name link in the email to go directly to their profile without following them.


@PattiSh You're absolutely right! Thank you!! :D


¡No hay de qué!


I think based on this answer, the buttons don't need to change :)


@wazzie, That is likely. :) I haven't taken it down so that other people can read it and the current solution. I myself am satisfied now that the alternative has been pointed out. :)

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