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I seriously need help 〜 Cet/ Ce/ Ça

The Tips & Notes aren't helping me that much. When do you use Ce and when do you use ça and cet

Native speakers definitely welcome.

April 14, 2018



Not a native speaker, but maybe I can still help.

Ce and cet both mean this. Both are masculine singular. The difference is that cet goes in front of vowels or h’s and ce goes in front of consonants.

— Ce matin, ce livre, ce chat etc.

— Cet homme, cet acteur, cet animal etc.

This is like how in English we have a bear, but an apple.

Ça, short for cela, means that or it and it is not a demonstrative adjective, it is an indefinite demonstrative pronoun. It is invariable. Because it is a pronoun, it replaces a noun (it does not go in front of a noun like ce, cet, cette, and ces). The noun being replaced might be

— abstract, like a situation or concept

— something unnamed or unspecific


The Tips Notes are helpful if you read them carefully and remember that demonstrative words have 2 classes: ADJECTIVES and PRONOUNS.

ADJECTIVES before a noun:

  • ce, cet, cette, ces

PRONOUNS instead of a noun:

  • ce (c'est/ce sont), ceci, cela/ça = indefinite
  • celui, celle, ceux, celles = definite and gendered

Once you have understood that, the rest should become crystal clear.


Ce/Cet/Cette = this or that, Ce goes before a masculine noun starting with a consonant, Cet goes before a masculine noun starting with a vowel or H, Cette goes before feminine nouns

Ces = These or Those, Goes before plural nouns

Ça means that/this/it

J’adore ça = I love it/that/this

Ça me dérange = it/that/this bothers me

Not a native speaker in the slightest, but I hope I helped


What if 'Cette' is used before a word starting with a vowel ?


Cette is used for all feminine words. So it can be used before a consonant and vowel (plus h) as long as the word is feminine


4 hours too late to respond... :(


I will repeat what others have said; ce, cet and cette all mean this or that. ce is for masculine words; ce manteau (this coat or that coat), cet is for masculine words starting with a vowel, cet éléphant (this elephant or that elephant), or a silent h, cet homme (this man or that man), cette is for feminine words, cette pomme (this apple or that apple)

BUT I will add ces .. ces is these or those used for ALL plural words whether masculine or feminine .. ces manteaux (these or those coats) and ces pommes (these or those apples), ces hommes, ces éléphants


Thanks for the help on this everyone! I was confused on this too.


The way I remember the difference between Ca and Ce is from the beginner phrase, "Ca va?" which can be literally translated as "It goes?" and the reply is "Ca va!" "It goes!". Ca rhymes with va, - or it would if I could put the accents under the C in ca with this darned keyboard.

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