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"Est-ce qu'on parle aussi français au Canada ?"

Translation:Do they also speak French in Canada?

April 14, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I thought "ON" means "we".


    Sometimes it means "we". sometimes it means "one". Sometimes it is just a general pronoun. Just like "you" doesn't necessarily mean you in particular but rather one or everyone.

    In the sentence above, "do you also speak French in Canada", "you" doesn't necessarily mean the person you're talking to but rather it asks whether French is also spoken in Canada.


    I am from Canada! But sadly, Duo would not accept "Do we also speak French in Canada?".


    The French say no, but we know they do. The amount of people is not relevant .


    ^ Number of people. Amount of soylent green.


    Anything wrong with: "Is French also spoken in Canada?"? I also thought that "on parle" would imply "we speak" producing in English something like: "Do we also speak French in Canada?"


    Depends on the province


    Why not "they speak french in canada also"?


    "Do they speak French in Canada also?" should have been accepted, it means the exact same thing


    Why when "on" can be a few things wouldn't one just use il or elle. I wrote "do we" knowing it was ?? but duolingo has made it such by experience.


    I am SO fed up of the female voice pronouncing the "s" in "est"

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