"They are making a cake in the kitchen."


April 14, 2018

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You can also omit the 里:他们在厨房做蛋糕。


As of writing this post, "他们在厨房里在做蛋糕", is marked as incorrect.

Since the English sentence is, "They are MAKING a cake in the kitchen", not, "They MAKE a cake in the kitchen", the inclusion of 在 to denote an ongoing action seems appropriate.

Am I wrong in this assumption?


Thought the same. Also would 正在 be appropriate here?


I think it would be appropriate because the meaning is correct, but I don't know if duolingo would accept it because the direct translation would be "right now" and since that isn't written in the sentence I'm not sure if it would get accepted. But the meaning should be correct. I'm not sure if the 正在 would be in front of 在 or in front of 做. But 正在在 definitely feels better in this context. Have a nice day :)


Zai and li -why both are required. Don't they mean the same


As far as I know 在 can be translated as "to be" when it comes to locations. 里 means inside. You could say: 我在房间 and 我在房间里。but the 在 is required. You can't omit it. Sorry for the late reply.


做蛋糕 - slang for going to the bathroom

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