"Elles portent le vin et nous portons le fromage."

Translation:They carry the wine and we carry the cheese.

April 14, 2018

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If portent can mean to carry or to take then why would the translation "they are taking..." be marked as wrong?


This might help - https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-verb-conjugation/amener-emmener-apporter-emporter-remporter-bring-take-french. From what it says in this explanation, it sounds like you would need one of the prefixes with porter for it to mean take and that would only be in certain contexts. So without context you would use porter for carry and prendre for take.


this is a useful page, thanks!


how do you hear a difference between elle porte and elles portent?


You can't because there is none. I disabled the "type what you hear" exercise so that you are not trapped again.


What is wrong with "they are carrying wine, and we are carrying cheese"?


I put "they are carrying the wine and we are carrying the cheese" and also got it wrong.


This is an accepted answer.


Why is it not "They carry wine and we carry cheese"? Is "the" necessary in both the phrases?


If the English sentence was "They carry (some) wine and we carry (some) cheese", the French would be "Elles portent du vin et nous portons du fromage." Here is the link to the Duo Tips and Notes with more info: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Basics-2/tips-and-notes: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/fr/Basics-2/tips-and-notes.

When the French sentence has the definite article (le/la/les) it is talking about something very specific and known to the speaker so you have to use "the" in the English sentence. The exception to this is when using verbs of appreciation (aimer, detester etc). So if you were saying "I like wine" the French would be "j'aime le vin" because you are talking in this case about all wine/wine in general.


It seems like "She brings the wine and we bring the cheese." should be correct.


In speech, "elle porte" and "elles portent" are homophones, but as far as I know, this sentence is not given in dictation (type what you hear).


why isn't "they are bringing the wine and we are bringing the cheese" not accepted?


"Apporter" is used for "to bring"; "porter" is for "to carry".


they bring the wine and we bring the cheese ?


"To bring" is the translation for "apporter", not just "porter" (to carry).

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