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"I am writing the messages in Spanish."

Translation:Yo escribo los mensajes en español.

April 14, 2018



"I am writing the messages in Spanish" translates to "Estoy escribiendo los mensajes en español" but this is marked incorrect.


Both should be accepted - the present continuous in English is used much more than the (apparently) corresponding tense in Spanish.


Why is "yo soy escribo' incorrect?


Well for starters soy is permanent no temporary. So you should use estoy....but that's what I used and that was also incorrect.


It should just be "yo escribo", which is "I write" or " I am writing". Yo soy and yo estoy are followed by descriptors, not conjugated verbs like escribir --> escribo


Because an action is taking place. Estar is used for position, location, action, condition, or emotion; or the (PLACE) acronym. If you can remember that and all the conjugations of ser and estar, you are golden. Description, occupation, characteristic, time, origin, and relationship (DOCTOR) are used for Ser.


I just got counted correct with this translation.


I wrote "Yo estoy escribiendo los mensajes en español." and it was accepted without any warning.


Accepted on 8/13/18


Please explain


Con la misma corrección me aceto tal frase " Estoy escribiendo". Gracias a Duo LINGO por tales Ajustes . FELICIDADES ...


I wrote it like you too. Disappointed to get it wrong


Marked correct for me 10/11/2020


I was marked right on Feb.11 for: "Yo estoy escribiendo los mensajes en español"


Yo escribo means "I write" not "I am writing'


Remember that the present tense (indicative) in Spanish means three things.

Tú hablas inglés. You speak English. You do speak English. You are speaking English.

Tú comes pan. You eat bread. You do eat bread. You are eating bread.

Tú vives en Buenos Aires. You live in Buenos Aires. You do live in Buenos Aires. You are living in Buenos Aires.


How do you know when to write los, la, or el?


I would like to know the answer to this question too. Los or las?


Los for masculine las for feminine e.g los libros las casas both for plural too


la is used for the feminine words, el before the masculine.

los is the plural for masculine terms while las is plural for feminine terms.

Not a thumb rule but usually words ending with 'a' are feminine.

Hope that helps!! Enjoy learning


Estoy escribiendo los mensajes en español ¿es incorrecta? si es present continuous!!!!!!!!!!!!


escribiendo los mensajes en espanol - not accepted


Escribo, without the yo, was rejected.


I am still confused between I write and I am writing....... Can someone help


From what i understand, I am writing in english= Yo escribo en ingles. I am writing in english (right this very second)= Yo estoy escribiendo en ingles.

So basically, yo escribo can mean both 'I write' and 'I am writing'.

I think the confusion comes from the fact that in english, I am writing can mean either you are actively writing at that exact moment, or that maybe you are passively writing a story in your free time.

Hope this helps, obviously still learning myself, sp if im wrong someone feel free to correct me


I am finding that the word "messages" = mensajes & notas pon Duo. There isn't a way to tell which answer is wanted. Why does this particular mensajes = notas and not messages? Confusing.


What about "estoy a escribir los mensajes en español"?


Very funny. My translation was not accepted and then I got this: Correct solution: I am writing the messages in Spanish.


Why suddenly is it compulsory to write "notas" ?


We have not been introduced to "notes" but rather have been using "messages" up until this time


i typed in the correct answer but it was marked wrong, Duo changed messages to notas. Been having trouble with Duo changing correct answers for days. Anyone else having this problem?


What is wrong with, yo escribiendo.... ?


Yo escribiendo los mensajes en Spañol - this is my answer and it was wrong. grrrrrr


This is an error Duolingo Team,

1) Presente Continuo (activity is in progress)

1.1) "I am writing* the messages in Spanish."

1.1.1) Spanish translate "Yo estoy escribiendo los mensajes en Español"

2) Presente No Continuo (activity isn't in progress)

2.1) "I write the messages in Spanish"

2.1.1.) Spanish translate "Yo escribo los mensajes en Español"

Kindly regards!


Your post seems to be addressing Duo, but this forum is just for us learners to help each other, not to complain to Duo.

Your comment is not quite right.

You can translate "I am writing" using the verb "escribir" as "(yo) escribo" or "(yo) estoy escribiendo" and Duo accepts either.

The Spanish simple present tense ( el presente or el presente del indicative ) can be used to talk about habitual actions, routines, things happening now or in the near future, universal truths, facts, hypotheticals, lapses of time, and for ordering in restaurants and stores

Ref: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/spanish-present-tense-forms


You used the wrong word. redacto los mensajes en español. Redacto??!!


why can't i put "yo soy escribo ..."


soy would mean you are describing yourself in some way, like "I am nice" or "I am smart". You are basically talking about what something is, usually it's more permanent.


I am answering...Estoy escribo los mensajes en espanol, this is marked incorrect ,but i am is estoy isn't it?


Yes - estoy is correct, but you have to use the "gerundio" (loosely equivalent to the present participle) which is escribiendo. This page has the full conjugation. https://www.123teachme.com/spanish_verb_conjugation/escribir


Los and las are throwing me. With cartas, mensajes and jefes. Why not el or un?


El and la (masculine and feminine "the", like un and una (masculine/feminine "a/an") are singular. Cartas, mensajes, and jefes are all plural, so you would use "los" (masculine) or "las" (feminine)


Los mensajes has suddenly been replaced by las notas! RUBBISH


Agree! Where did notas come from so suddenly? We've been all about the mesajes and now notas!


This is I write, not I am writing!!


'Yo escribiendo' is correct why duolingo has that has incorrect?


Try : Yo estoy escribiendo


estoy escribiendo la mensajes en espanol

is this not the same thing?


No, the la would have to be los. La is singular and femanine, mensajes is plural and masculine. La mensajes is incorrect Los mensajes is correct


I am having trouble with this concept as well. "I write" and "I am writing" mean two different things in English. Is the Spanish "Yo escribo" a correct translation for both? It seems that "Yo escribo" would only be translated as "I write". Any explanations would be greatly appreciated! :)


Spanish is a million times harder then I was told. This is probably where I call it quits. This very app tought me estoy means I am. Now it's no longer acceptable. I'm all for one language world wide. Enough of this crap


Estoy escribiendo los mensajes en Español.


Escribo los mensajes en español isnt deemed correct, why? Is the "yo" necessary here? In further lessons you can cut out the "yo" and "tu" as long as you're conjugating correctly (I'm back doing a refresh on this one). Can anyone explain?


estoy escribiendo.... Shows incorrect

I write =yo escribo I'm writing = yo estoy escribiendo

Now I'm confused


Today has been accepted. I probably did a mistake i enter in the Spanish translation "MENSAJE" , indtinstead of MENSAJES. That's the reason why was showing wrong answer.


Why is it not "yo escribo los mensajes en el español"? I've been marked wrong for not putting the definite article in front of the word Spanish and I'm not sure the difference here.


1) In Spanish when you write "en el Español" you are saying "in someplace named El Español" like a coffee shop, building, restaurante, etc.

2 When you write "en Español" you're saying " in a Spanish Language"

Kindly regards!!

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