Did the crown system update properly?

I can't help but feel that with all the XP I have I should have way more crowns

At the time of writing this I am currently level 23 in German, just short of 24000XP and yet with the crown update I am only at crown level 2 for each skill.

I've looked at the system and to get crown level 1 you need to do all the lessons in the skill and to get crown level 2 you need to repeat the same number of lessons. For example in the Accusative Case skill, in order to achieve crown level 1 you need to do the skill 6 times, and to achieve level 2 you also need to do the skill 6 times. (as you know the number goes up for level 3 on so on...)

I only practice on my desktop and don't do timed practice so I only get the standard 10XP per lesson

Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I should troubleshoot it but I want to get some opinions first

April 14, 2018


Yes you should report. But don't expect a reply.

A flood of several thousands or millions of incoming troubleshooting reports (assigned ticket ids) may be the only way to stop this.

But let's just wait for another 3-6/12 months until the "Crown test out" is finally there which Luis has commented on in at least two crown suggestion / improvement threads.
It will be day...

I will just ignore my 39-44 L2 skills from the first half of the tree for now.

April 15, 2018

No, it did not for several users.

Check your extended user profile if the conversion rule is simple or complex:

My 1,5 years EN-PT tree at level 20 before 20 March 2018 FAILED to put me into any L3 skill, even for the first 39 golden skills:

Other users with "complex" conversion already reported that they have had more luck.

A big bug, or another (very stupid) A/B test by staff, as it seems.
There are several users where multiple skills have been better migrated to crown L3; but "complex" is used for them.

April 15, 2018
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