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Did the crown system update properly?

I can't help but feel that with all the XP I have I should have way more crowns

At the time of writing this I am currently level 23 in German, just short of 24000XP and yet with the crown update I am only at crown level 2 for each skill.

I've looked at the system and to get crown level 1 you need to do all the lessons in the skill and to get crown level 2 you need to repeat the same number of lessons. For example in the Accusative Case skill, in order to achieve crown level 1 you need to do the skill 6 times, and to achieve level 2 you also need to do the skill 6 times. (as you know the number goes up for level 3 on so on...)

I only practice on my desktop and don't do timed practice so I only get the standard 10XP per lesson

Has anyone else experienced this? Maybe I should troubleshoot it but I want to get some opinions first

April 14, 2018



Yes you should report. But don't expect a reply.

A flood of several thousands or millions of incoming troubleshooting reports (assigned ticket ids) may be the only way to stop this.

But let's just wait for another 3-6/12 months until the "Crown test out" is finally there which Luis has commented on in at least two crown suggestion / improvement threads.
It will be coming...one day...

I will just ignore my 39-44 L2 skills from the first half of the tree for now.


No, it did not for several users.

Check your extended user profile if the conversion rule is simple or complex: http://www.duolingo.com/users/Churchill94

My 1,5 years EN-PT tree at level 20 before 20 March 2018 FAILED to put me into any L3 skill, even for the first 39 golden skills: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26853820

Other users with "complex" conversion already reported that they have had more luck.

A big bug, or another (very stupid) A/B test by staff, as it seems.
There are several users where multiple skills have been better migrated to crown L3; but "complex" is used for them.

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