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I really hate these new changes and they hinder learning.

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These recent changes with health and crowns and what nots are really making me sad, furious and irritating. They remind me of language learning in schools were every mistake was punished. Learning languages should be fun and mistakes should be celebrated. If I now make few spelling errors in english (learning french), I need to pay or lose my streat. Hence I lately only do the easy chapters to keep my streak - there is zero learning in that. I miss the days when I could study for an hour or more without being thrown ”out of class” . I am very thankful for the app but the recent monetization has gone too far. It makes learning a new language less fun and it will alienate people from this otherwise marvelous app. Celebrate a small spelling error, do not make people pay for it.


April 14, 2018



You can non stop practise on the website and your score still counts!

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Had not realized that. Thank you.


That is an amazing streak jarih1!

I do not like health and think the fastest way to get rid of it is for people to stop using any format with health. Duo makes decisions based on user data - so let the data speak for itself.

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Thank you.


I hate these complaints.

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