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  5. "An ant is an insect."

"An ant is an insect."

Translation:Une fourmi est un insecte.

April 14, 2018


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How do you know whether something eg animal, insect, thing is masculine or feminine?

April 14, 2018


You memorise it. The best way is to just learn the noun with the article "une fourmi" = "an ant", "un insecte" = "an insect", "une pomme" = "an apple" rather than "fourmi" = "ant", "insecte" = "insect", "pomme" = "apple". Then if the article is "une", you know the noun is feminine, if it's "un" you know it's masculine.

There are some patterns in the endings, but there are always exceptions and it's safer to just learn it rather than relying on the ending to figure it out.

April 14, 2018


I thought that all ordinary ants would be male and only the queen could be female.

May 15, 2018


the only male ants are drones, they have wings and their only purpose is to mate with the queen and die. all "normal" ants are female.

July 20, 2018


When you hover your mouse over 'An', 'Un' is the first option shown, think Duo should switch these as I wrote 'Un' when it was feminine.

October 24, 2018


I would suggest NOT trusting duo on the first hint. It is very often for the first hint to mislead.

October 24, 2018


can you use 'un sur' for ant as well ?

November 10, 2018


dont know if 'sur' is also viable but in my vocabulary it means 'under'

January 24, 2019


Does incect change masculine and feminine based on the gender of said insect or is it always masculine?

March 4, 2019
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