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"Elle est plus belle que jamais."

Translation:She is more beautiful than ever.

April 14, 2018



how does the grammar work here? i typed, "she is more beautiful that ever", which is obviously wrong... but couldn't figure out how else to translate.


This is disturbing because "as... as" should not translate "plus... que" but "aussi... que".

I would say that the French compliment is more laudative than the English one, since we also have "elle est aussi belle que d'habitude" (as beautiful as usual).

You can find this discrepancy in other phrases, like "He makes twice as much as me" = Il gagne deux fois plus que moi.


There is no option available to point out the error in this preferred translation other than posting here. The preferred translation should be: "She is more beautiful than ever." NOT "She is as beautiful as ever."


"she is more beautiful than ever" is an accepted translation, but if you wrote "that" instead of "than" as you did in your comment that would have been the problem.


"She is prettier than ever" is accepted. This sentence implies a comparison of certain personal feature along a period of time between the past and the present "...plus belle..." "...que jamais."


Mmmm... Not accepted for me. 12/21/2018


I dont get it.. i thought jamais is never? And que is that? Its so frustrating


"Ne... jamais" is a negation = never / not ever

"Jamais" is not a negation = ever


How is this supposed to be a negative statement?


Ce n'est pas une phrase négative.


I'm sorry, this exercise is in the "Negatives" skill and there was no note on "jamais" with a verb and no "ne" meaning "ever".


This exercise is in the Negatives, because "jamais" is negative with "ne". Yet, just as "ever" is positive without "not" or the N of "never", "jamais" can also be positive. Hence this exercise to show you how to use it.


Well, you need to explain better than that, because I can't make any sense of it whatever.


C'est comme ça que Duo fonctionne. Ils vous jettent des trucs. Vous faites des erreurs. Finalement, vous ne les faites pas.


I typed "more beautiful than ever" and then looked at the hints which gave "as beautiful as ever" which thought was wrong, so I looked at the word bank which only had "more" not "as". A bit confusing!


Why not: she is as beautiful as ever


That has a similar meaning, but essentially misses the wording of the sentence, and with a sentence that can be translated word for word there really isn't much wiggle room. Your sentence would be either《Elle est aussi belle que jamais》 or 《Elle est belle comme d'habitude》 the second translation is more "like usual" and I imagine that would be more common (but Im not a native speaker)


The dropdown hint for "... belle que jamais" is ".. as beautiful as ever" yet this was marked incorrect when I used it! If Duo can't get it right what hope does a novice have?!


The recommended (pop-up) translation of "plus belle que jamais" is "as beautiful as ever". But "She is as beautiful as ever" has been marked as an incorrect translation. One of these must be wrong.


The hint was wrong and I changed it to "plus belle que jamais".

"As beautiful as ever" = aussi belle que d'habitude / belle comme d'habitude / belle comme toujours


The hint is still wrong on the Android app. :-(


The incorrect hint on the app is fixed now. That was quick. Thanks! :-)


I put, "It is as beautiful as ever," and got it wrong. Was I wrong?


Oui. "C'est aussi beau que jamais." "C'est belle" n'est pas possible.


"She's never been more beautiful."


"She's never been more beautiful."= Elle n'a jamais été plus belle.


Of course. "She is" vs. "She has (never) been." How'd I miss that? Thank you.


How about.. She has never been more beautiful?


She has never been more beautiful = elle n'a jamais été plus belle.

The meaning is exactly the same.


How about.. She has never been more beautiful.

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