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"I am a Klingon and you are Terran."

Translation:tlhIngan jIH 'ej tera'ngan SoH.

April 14, 2018



I think xifan jih zej terazfanpuz xih (xifan hol) should also be accepted.


Unfortunately, the system does occasionally show the alternate translations to users and we do not want to have to teach them how to read xifan hol, but I love the idea and wish we could.


I've changed the "best" translation for tlhIngan jIH 'ej tera'ngan SoH to "I am a Klingon and you are a Terran" now, so the ambiguous sentence "I am a Klingon and you are Terran" should not appear as the source of translation exercises any more.

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