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Duolingo and the New Crown level System

I am at level 25 in German for the last 4 years. My crown level is 378, my earlier fluency level fluctuated between 68-72%, and I have 570 days streak. This streak has been zeroed 3 or 4 times previously for varşous reasons. I have been with Duolingo for more than 5 years. My German level is B2 according to several tests I have taken and this has not been upgraded for the last 3 years.

I still do Duo exercises just to keep my B2 level and I do not think Duo is designed to make me go any higher. Should I expect more advanced levels of Duo in the future? Your previous ''immersion'' was fine but unfortunately, it is no more. I am very thankful to Duo though in the final analysis.

I would like to hear your suggestions as to what measures I should take at this point to make things more challenging for me. I was disappointed when Duo introduced these crown levels which in effect suggested that I go back to basics and increase my level to 5.

Thank you for reading this

April 14, 2018

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In your position I would sign on again with a new name. Begin at basics and do each blob to level one. As fast as possible. Give yourself 30 minutes or an hour. See what experience you can score. Do it again tomorrow. Once your entire tree is at level one I would shift to just doing an exercise from each skill. Against the clock and against your previous best is about it. I guess.

Personally I would be struggling with the tedium.

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