Word-bank exercises could be much better


There are several issues with the word bank that make many of the word-bank exercises pretty useless, especially if the question is in Chinese and you have to answer in English (in the app. On a PC, one can at least ignore the word bank and use the keyboard instead):

  1. Sometimes a word with two syllables is asked and all but one suggestions in the word bank are single characters. That makes it trivial to find the correct answer. This has been noted here by user hrbrett a few days ago.

  2. Sometimes a part of the answer is already given and the remaining words in the word bank directly give away the answer. Example: "The cat sits on...". Words in the word bank: "the" and "table". Complete waste of time.

  3. In addition to number 2, sometimes the complete answer is already given and the word bank is empty. You just have to press the "Check" button!

  4. Often you don't need to understand the question at all to find the correct answer because the words in the word bank only allow one answer. Example: The word bank contains the words "table" "The" "on" "cat" "sits" "the". Can you guess what the correct answer is? Sometimes, there are some additional words, but they are so different, it's immediately clear that you don't need them. Like: "table" "The" "on" "cat" "sits" "the" "taxi". Having an additional word like "chair" would make it a bit more challenging and would require that you actually understand whether the Chinese question is referring to a table or a chair.

I have the impression that things are improving in level 2, i.e. less English word banks and more words to choose from. But for level 1, I really have the feeling that I am wasting my time with "Bring the English words in the right order" games.

Edit: English (sorry, not a native speaker)

April 14, 2018


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