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Lost Progress "Solution" Is To Suck It Up? No Kidding.

Am I reading this correctly, regarding progress per lesson that has been reset to zero with the paid upgrade to Duolingo Plus?

This Duolingo Announcement: A new tree was released for some users, please read the full announcement here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26726755 ...

Makes This Statement: "We understand that not everyone will like the changes, especially for those who are currently working on the tree. Why in the world do I have to repeat old exercises? ..."

If I'm correctly translating this from Duolingo-to-English, then I appear to have been gutted for a year's paid subscription to a revamped (although ad-free) product that feels like a pain in the ass. Discouraging and Disappointing—unless a remedy to restore progress either exists or presents itself quite quickly. Also, there's nothing intuitive to me about the Crown numbers.


April 14, 2018



I read the post you linked, and they seem to have specified that new content would be added, so it's normal that some lessons would need to be retaken. Now, I'm not sure what exactly is going to happen with the French course, but I'll convey my experience with the Chinese course in case it offers some insight.
The Chinese tree was updated with new content after I had finished it, so many lessons appeared unlocked but untouched (my progress was visibly reset), and I did them again. Sometimes I just took one lesson and the whole skill was regilded. Sometimes I needed to take more, and sometimes I had to retake the whole skill. My guess is that it depends on where the new vocabulary is located within the new tree. Also, and as far as I know, a Plus subscription offers to Remove all ads and download lessons on mobile, so I don't think it's related to the problem at hand. If you feel uncomfortable paying for the subscription under the current circumstances, you have the right to cancel it, but that's a different issue. The French course is being updated, and the new tree is been released to some of the users as an A/B test to gather information. They could've announced the need for testers like what happened with the new Spanish course, but they didn't. I understand your discontent for getting a version of the course you didn't request, but a course with more content adds to your progress even if it looks otherwise. I hope that cheers you up even though it doesn't offer a solution to your problem.
Good luck


I was just about to say some of the above. You probably don't have to do every lesson, sometimes I could do one or two lessons and would be tested out of the entire skill. Don't lose hope!


My advice is to take at least a week off from Duolingo. I took this advice from someone else and it helped me adjust to the new system.

I loved the old system and I had a nice routine. I'd mix new lessons with the old lessons. I liked keeping my tree golden. I felt a sense of accomplishment.

The new colorful tree feels discouraging. because we were striving to maintain gold..However, you just need to think of it in another way. It feels like things were reset - but really your gold turned into Crown 1 (or higher)

I also agree that the new tree is not intuitive. I have been reading lots of comments to figure out exactly how to approach it. I am not in a groove just yet.

I'm not saying that there are lots of things I would change - but take a week off, then try again.


I only just started dou but in a way i like the new system better than the old


That is great. It would be great if you could describe what you like. I get the sense that some people hated keeping their tree golden and so there is a sense of relief to no longer have decaying skills.

I miss the things that were taken away - word lists, timed practices, spaced repetition. I wish the tips/hints weren't hidden.


Exactly. I have more freedom because I don't feel the pressure to practice the skills that have decayed; instead I choose which lessons I feel like I haven't mastered yet and practice those. And yes I know that keeping the trees golden wasn't mandatory (just as getting all the skills to level 5 isn't now) but this system just fits my needs better. The only thing I do miss is timed practice of individual skills at any time, not just after reaching level 5, but for me it's a small price to pay.


Thank you for the insight. It is interesting to hear another perspective.


Did you find that temporarily discontinuing practice restored progress bars? Just wondering. Meanwhile, i'm kinda resolved to just plowing through the previously completed lessons again.


My skills that were completed reflect as Crown level 1, 2 or 3. For the skills that I was working on (not yet golden) my progress showed how many of the lessons I had completed (bar around the circle) I did not lose any progress - the progress just looks different now.


Okay, thank you. My experience appears to differ. The former progress bars currently appear—assuming each lesson is tediously repeated—as a circle around the lesson. The dude making the following comment seems to perceive this as a graphic issue. I see it as a reporting glitch.


Review the app in playstore or wherever you downloaded it. Apparently they pay attention to reviews more than to discussions.


I doubt the changeover had anything to do with going from duo to duo plus.

What's been lost? An admittedly arbitrary measure of your French skills has been replaced by another arbitrary measure of your progress in French. Is your knowledge of French less as a result? No. Are there more French skills for you to practice? Yes.


Thanks. But we may be misunderstanding one anther. Zero value in acquiring language skills results from repeating lessons from the very beginning. Alternately, ignoring a app glitch—reporting no progress when there IS progress—also produces zero learning value. So, whether we think this is sloppy or arbitrary is besides the initial question: How is the app's progress report restored? Or, if it is not restorable, can that just be confirmed so that we all move on to a different product or to muddle through this product. Hope that clarifies the angst here.


I don't think that being a Plus member gives you anything except ads free and the ability to practise off-line. I am a member and am unlikely to renew when it ends in May. If I have misunderstood you, what was the subscription for?


I think you’re right. The ad-free Plus purchase I made must have been coincidently at the same time as the change (or fault) in progress reporting? Pretty confusing.

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