"My stepdaughter is my husband's daughter."

Translation:Ma belle-fille est la fille de mon mari.

April 14, 2018

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I constructed the sentence ... 'Ma belle-fille est la fille de mon mari' which was accepted ... however I believe that 'belle-fille' is the translation for 'daughter in law' ... and 'Demi-fille' (the correct translation for stepdaughter) is not available for selection into the sentence


"Demi-fille" is not a French word. This is why it was not available for selection.

Please use a dictionary if you are not sure about a word.

"Ma belle-fille" is the same for "my daugher-in-law" or "my stepdaughter".

"Demi-" is used only as "demi-frère" (half-brother) and "demi-soeur" (half-sister).


I apologise! Have since checked via Google translate .. .however ... how do i tell if 'Ma belle fille' is my stepdaughter or my daughter in law


You can still add info or use "la femme de mon fils" or "la fille de ma femme".


As in the example. Context always helps.

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