Por and Para

I've seen quite a few questions about the difference between por and para, and I found this useful guide that I thought I'd share. I've taken most of this from my CGP Spanish book-

Use 'para' to

-say who something is for (este dinero es para ti - this money is for you)

-talk about destinations (el tren para Bilbao - the train to Bilbao)

-say 'to' or 'in order to' (veo la tele para descansar - I watch the TV to relax)

-say for how long when you're talking in the future (quiero la coche para tres semanas - I want the car for three weeks)

-say 'in somebody's opinion' (para mí, es muy bonito - in my opinion, it's very pretty)

-say 'about to' (está para llover - it is about to rain)

Use 'por' to

-say for how long in the past (vivió allí por un año - he lived there for a year)

-use 'in' for parts of the day (por la tarde - in the afternoon)

-say through (entro por la puerta - I enter through the door)

-say 'per' or 'a' in number phrases (tres veces por semana - three times a week)

-talk about exchanges (pagó dos euros por el té - he paid two euros for the tea)

-say 'on behalf of' (lo hice por ti - I did it for you)

-say thank you (gracias por el pastel - thanks for the cake)

Let me know if you found this helpful

April 14, 2018


nice. i have been practicing these ideas...

cause=por effect=para; ongoing=por end state=para

April 14, 2018

Very helpful. Thanks. I was beginning to pick up on some of these.

April 14, 2018

it does help.

also, for those studying French and Spanish ensemble, I have found that Pour=para y par=por. Generalmente. ;)

April 14, 2018

This was a good idea. It made me think of another idea. I made a set of 11 lessons for practicing these various usages and contrasts. does ask you ones you're having trouble with more frequently and across lessons.

I made a set of 11 lessons for practicing the various usages and contrasts of por and para. The contemporary Por and Para topic, along with how one can now make public courses on, gave me the idea. does ask you ones you're having trouble with more frequently and across lessons.

  1. Uses of Para
  2. Uses of Por
  3. Uses of Para and of Por
  4. Deadlines and Durations
  5. Destinations, Modes & Routes
  6. Purpose and Motivation
  7. Recipients and Exchanges
  8. Estar Para
  9. Estar Por
  10. Estar Para and Estar Por
  11. Common Phrases with Para and Por
  12. Sources and credits

Thanks for the idea, Emma. I did not use your post directly but looked up and cited my own sources. One also infers from your handle that tomorrow may be your birthday; if so, congratulations, annually-surviving person.

April 15, 2018

Thank you! (It's not my birthday, the numbers were random from Duolingo. I appreciate it though.)

April 17, 2018

Thank you! Helps a lot

April 15, 2018

Gracias por eso

April 16, 2018

yes very much so...thank you

April 16, 2018
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