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"Map" of the course

I started the duolingo's German course, and I absolutely love it. My question is about the structure of the course. Nowhere can I find the overall layout of the course, so I never know where I am at exactly. The program takes me from 'Basics' to 'Tinycards' to other section. I don't know how many 'basics' there are in the course, how many levels per basics, how many lessons per level, and I am not even sure I am describing the correct structure of the course here. It would be nice to have an overall "map" of the course in order to know I am heading in the right direction and that I am covering everything I need to cover, rather than just being led a bit blindly by the program. So I am asking for a 'table of content' for the course. Again I thoroughly enjoy studying the course, and I want to maximize the learning experience. Thanks--Sam

April 14, 2018



I'll try to help, although there are probably other people who are more knowledgeable than I am. First, you can ignore Tiny Cards if you want. Just click on the green continue button near the bottom of your screen. Tiny Cards are fine if you want to practice, but if you just want to focus on your skills and go to the next lesson you don't have to bother with them. Tiny Cards are not actually a part of your language tree.

When you click on a skill it will say which level you are at and how many are already completed. With the crown system there are five levels. For example, Colors might be at Level 1. It will also say, "Completed 1/3." This means that I have two more lessons to work on for Colors to level up to Level 2. Each skill set has a different number of lessons in order to progress to the next level.


The overall layout, or tree, can be found on the home page. The popup that appears when you click on a skill shows how many lessons till the next level, as well as having the very useful Tips and Notes section (marked by the lightbulb icon). Once you've unlocked a skill by completing the first Crown level, you can either practice it some more or move onto the next skill. When you complete Crown level 1 of all skills on a row, the skills on the row below will unlock. Besides doing lessons in specific skills, you can also use the practice button to review sentences you haven't practiced in a while.

Each Crown level gets progressively longer, and Crown levels 4 and 5 contain harder sentences and more typing into German. When you complete Crown level 5 you can then access timed practice for that particular skill. It's best not to try to get to level 5 all at once, though.

You may find this link helpful as well; it lists the vocabulary for each skill in order.

TinyCards is a separate website specifically for drilling words, and is not part of the actual course. In the Labs section you can find another useful tool called Stories, which is great for practicing what you've learned in a slightly different format.

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