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French preposition help?? (I'm struggling fellas.)

I'm MEGA confused on when to use au, en, de, à, pour, de, dans, etc. I don't know if it's just me that's really unsure when to use certain prepositions, I'm pretty sure it's a lot easier than I'm making it tho, lol.

April 14, 2018



De represents a relation or ownership of something

L’ârret de bus = the bus stop La robe de la femme = The woman’s dress

De can also mean “from” Je suis de la France = I am from France

au is the contraction à + le (aux is à + les)

Je vais au marché = I’m going to the market

Dans/en both mean “in”

Dans is used for something physically in something

Mon livre est dans mon bureau = My book is in my desk.

En is used as “in” with the time needed for something and for in a country. (For masculine countries, use au instead of en)

All Euopean countries are all feminine

Je suis en France = I’m in France Tu es aux États-Unis = You’re in the United States For “in Paris” and other cities, use à.

My response is lengthy, but I hope I helped


Some mistakes:

le ârret de bus -> l'arrêt de bus

Je suis de la France: We don't really say that. I'd rather use venir: "Je viens de France"

For masculine countries, use au instead of en

There's an exception to this: Country names that are masculine but begin in a vowel sound, like L'Ouzbékistan -> En Ouzbékistan (but those are quite rare)

All Euopean countries are all feminine

Le Luxembourg, le Liechtenstein, le Monténégro, le Danemark and probably a few other European countries are masculine.
It's more accurate to say that a country is feminine if it ends in a -e (which is almost always the case), and is masculine otherwise.
There are very few exceptions to this (Le Mexique, le Mozambique and le Zimbabwe are the only ones I can come up with)

Some small countries (Monaco, Malte, Singapour, Cuba...) aren't used with a definite article, and take à like cities instead.


Thank you! That helped me a lot too


That helps a TON, thanks so much!

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