iphone app problem-pictures, small font, and landscape


I wonder whether there are any changes for the app design planned. Or whether there is any way to send feedback for the app, I found only a bug reporting option and this is not exactly a bug. Does the Duolingo staff read the troubleshooting forums?

What is the trouble: the stupid pictures that have nothing to do with learning. I don't need to see the unrelated people saying the sentences in comic book bubbles.

And they have two unpleasant consequences, because they take too much space on the screen:

1.the letters are rather small. It would be comfortable to have a bigger font on the screen, especially for longer learning sessions, it might strain the eyes less. I read and study a lot, so this additional effort is keeping me from using the app much more, as dry eyes are not pleasant. I guess this might be a rather common problem, despite people not complaining, as Duolingo is definitely a tool for older users too.

2.I dislike the portrait mode, I type much faster and more comfortably in the landscape mode. But due to the pictures and the layout around them, every screen, every question brings a bit of scrolling, mostly as the app scrolls to the question and hides the progress bar. I know it is a minor thing, but this scrolling motion on the screen is unpleasant, as I am one of the unlucky people getting sick in cars or some buses, and sometimes even when using computer programs (for example a game that turns a map a lot). So, this additional motion on the screen limits the situations in which I can use the app.

Are there any plans to get rid of the stupid pictures, at least optionally (turning them off in the settings), to save space on the screen, that could be used better?

I don't think anything would be lost, Duolingo is colourful enough and the gamification lies in tons of other features, not the stupid "friendly" pictures.

Anyone else has encountered this problem and found a way around it perhaps, please?

I am using almost exclusively the desktop now, because of this. I wouldn't even say the app is as much easier as it used to be, which was my other reason for not using it, I think the crowns may have leveld the ground a bit. So these stupid pictures are now the only reason.

April 14, 2018

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I agree persistent portrait mode is not a feature. I use an iPad Pro with a physical keyboard. Very annoying when health runs out and the app goes into portrait mode with no way to correct except to exit the app.

April 16, 2018
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