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Repetition the Key?

I want to know from anyone who have completed a tree, what do you think of repeating lessons and skills? Obviously, some degree of repetition is going to be important. But how much? How many crowns should I aim for on each lesson? ATM I'm doing 2-3 crowns each lesson. Is that enough? Please let me know what you think. Danke!

April 14, 2018



It's great to repeat. Actually was a little unhappy about changing to crowns but now, when redoing the lessons i still find words and strucutres that need adfitional rehearsal. I thonk it is better now


well, i think this is different for everyone... if you have the feeling you really got it and you won't forget it anymore than it is enough i guess. i want to have 5 crowns per skill. because like it when it turns golden.

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