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Repetition the Key?

I want to know from anyone who have completed a tree, what do you think of repeating lessons and skills? Obviously, some degree of repetition is going to be important. But how much? How many crowns should I aim for on each lesson? ATM I'm doing 2-3 crowns each lesson. Is that enough? Please let me know what you think. Danke!

April 14, 2018



Spaced repetition is the key.

Here is one of the first google results about it: https://lifeinthefastlane.com/learning-by-spaced-repetition/. A quote from that page: "A meta-analysis in 1999 suggested that those who learn information by spaced repetition will outperform 67% of those who learn by mass presentation given the same number of practice episodes".

Again from that page: "How can spaced repetition be put into practice? The simple answer is: use computer software", but unfortunately the crown system does not help at all, it's up to you to choose when to advance to new lessons and when to review older ones. Three crowns learned at once are likely to be too little, if they are acquired at the optimal intervals it may be enough, that is, getting three crowns at once is likely to be too much, you could learn more by interleaving other lessons. Good luck!


It's great to repeat. Actually was a little unhappy about changing to crowns but now, when redoing the lessons i still find words and strucutres that need adfitional rehearsal. I thonk it is better now


well, i think this is different for everyone... if you have the feeling you really got it and you won't forget it anymore than it is enough i guess. i want to have 5 crowns per skill. because like it when it turns golden.

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