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Third Bonus Skill - Christmas [Words]

Hallo !

So, I have been seeing people asking about the third bonus skill slot. It is about Christmas, and probably unlocks only during that time. [I don't know, as I myself don't have it]

However, there's a slight workaround to access the words. You make your own classroom on Duolingo Schools, and then become your own student, and then you get many other features. One includes being able to see what are the some of the words in a skill .

I saw the Christmas skill words were there! I compiled all I found there.

Here are the Christmas skill words. All words are nouns unless specified otherwise. I had to use Translate to get the English words. So I would appreciate someone to check and confirm the accuracy.

• Schnee - Snow

• Weihnachten - Christmas

• Lebkuchenmann - Gingerbread man

• Weihnachtskekse - Christmas Cookies

• Geschenk - Present/Gift

• Lebkuchen - Gingerbread

• Kekse - Cookies

• möchtest (verb) - want

• Rentier - reindeer

• Schneeball - Snowball

• Stern - Star

• frohe (adjective)- Merry

• Neujahr (proper noun) - New Year

• wünsche (verb) - to wish

• Schlitten - Sled

• Weihnachtslied - Christmas carol

• Schokolade - Chocolate

• Weihnachtsmarkt - Christmas Market

• Weihnachtsmann - Santa Claus

• Nordpol - North Pole

• Weihnachtsbaum - Christmas Tree

That's all I could find there. If you people give more words outside of Duolingo for Christmas, I might edit the post :)


April 14, 2018



Nice picture! Is it your eye?


Good guess. But unfortunately No. It's not my eye. It's a computer generated image of Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP), which was obtained by colliding gold ions at extremely high speeds at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.


I see. Well, it would have been possible. I recently saw it in a shopping mall. There it was offered as an original gift idea. : )


that's awesome! Can you add the genders for the nouns too?


Well the gender wasn't given there. But I will try to find some info about it and post an update message here if I get it.


thank you Purva!


I purchased the skills with lingots in the Lingot Store to add them to my tree. The store is available on web by clicking the red gem on the top right of any screen (or here: https://www.duolingo.com/show_store). I believe it's also available on mobile.

The translations look correct to me. :)


The Christmas skill only appeared for a short time. Perhaps you bought them at the time. But most of us couldn't. Anyways, thank you for checking the translations :)

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