"Ils ne sont pas arrogants mais juste fiers."

Translation:They are not arrogant, but only proud.

April 14, 2018

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Translating "mais juste" directly to "but only" seems awkward.

I'm assuming the spirit of the sentence is that they are displaying pride, but one might mistake it as arrogance.

A more common way to say this would be, "They are not arrogant, [they are] just proud."

Or, probably less commonly, "They are not arrogant, but proud"


The following are synonymous:

  • They are not arrogant but only proud
  • They are not arrogant but just proud
  • They are not arrogant but merely proud

Removing "but" doesn't change the meaning of the sentences, but it does make it further from the French construction.

I would say that the construction without "but" is slightly less formal than the one with, and is more likely to be found in speech than writing.

Removing "only", "just" or "merely" does subtly change the meaning of the sentence, as you are no longer downplaying their feelings.


I added "merely" to the list of accepted translations. Thanks.


This translation is wrong. "but" and "only" are not both needed in the English sentence. "They are not arrogant, but proud." "They are not arrogant, only proud." "They are not arrogant, just proud." etc.

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    Agreed, bbbthunda. I wonder if Ils ne sont pas arrogants juste fiers is a correct French sentence?


    It is correct with a comma after "arrogants".


    How do you say 'justifiably proud'?


    You can use "à juste titre" or "légitimement" to translate "justifiably".


    I'm not native English speaker. So it's more like a question about English but, can we translate "arrogant" as "cocky"?


    They are basically synonymous. To some, calling someone "cocky" means he/she is overly arrogant to the point of making a fool of him/herself.


    In other words: proud < arrogant < cocky


    How about "but simply proud" (common in American English)?


    This was my rejected translation


    "But only proud"is a bad translation.


    I said "but simply proud." Should be accepted; it would be understood by another English-speaker, if not by a computer that may know only one sense of the word "simply".

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