"We are having dinner along the water."

Translation:Wir haben Abendessen am Wasser.

April 14, 2018



Why not "Wir haben Abendessen beim Wasser"?

January 30, 2019


I have this question too.

March 27, 2019


"Wir essen zu Abend am Wasser"?

May 15, 2018


This answer is not accepted. :(

August 24, 2018


That is the correct translation! No German would say "wir haben Abendessen"!

April 28, 2019


Why is it okay to say "Wir haben Abendessen" to say you are eating dinner but not "Wir haben Brot" to say you are eating bread?

April 14, 2018


I think because "Wir haben Abendessen" doesn't mean we are eating dinner, it means we are having dinner.

December 14, 2018


"Wir haben Brot" means "we have bread." I don't think it is an idiomatic expression.

March 10, 2019


why not (wir haben abendessen den wasser entlang)?

June 21, 2018


why is "wir haben abendessen entlang das wasser" incorrect? isn't entlang suppose to trigger accusative?

October 11, 2018


entlang is only used when there is movement. So you could use entlang to say "we are walking along the water" (wir gehen am Wasser entlang)

but since eating lunch does not involve movement, you would use the preposition "an" . so you would translate "we are having dinner along the water" as "wir haben Abendessen am Wasser" (am = an + dem)

IMO, a clearer translation of this preposition is to say "we are having dinner ON the water"

November 9, 2018


Thank you for explaining entlang, however to me, having dinner 'on' the water suggests one is dining on a boat. Having dinner 'by' the water suggests eating on the riverbank or beach. I'm not sure which alternative 'along' means.

November 9, 2018


i believe youre right, 'by' would definitely be a better translation for 'an' ! I'm not 100% sure, but i think 'along' could mean both depending on the context.

November 13, 2018


There maybe something else wrong with it, but I know that entlang normally goes at the end of the sentence. But I wrote something similar and it rejected it too.

November 2, 2018


Never heard of abendBrot until now. Sigh

June 26, 2018


'We are having dinner along the water,' is the sort of eenglish 'argot' spoken by groups of 'foreign' students on arrival in the UK to study. It's a fine attempt, understandable and in truth, far better than my command of any foreign language but really, it's unintended comedy and simply not English. Though it's not very informative, 'We are having dinner beside (or, alongside) the water,' is good English.

March 5, 2019


Why is "Wir essen am wasser zu abend" not accepted ? I thought that "Wir essen zu abend" was the expression to say "We are having dinner".

May 27, 2019


"Wir haben DAS Abendessen am Wasser" is incorrect. Why?

May 31, 2019
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