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what is your favourite spanish dialect? ¿Cuál es tu favorito dialecto español?

if i made a mistake on the title please correct me ^^

im just reallyyyy curious because for me my favourite dialect would be argentine spanish. i don't know why but i just love it!!

April 14, 2018



Argentinean and Colombian. They are so musical and sound pretty good :)


Standard Philippine Spanish (according to Wikipedia, this language is nearing its death, so I studied it, well, I liked it), Chavacano and Caviteño


I'm a native filipino and i'd like to learn the standard philippine spanish :)


Chavacano and Caviteño aren't dialects of Spanish, they are creole languages with Spanish basis.


Just two minor corrections: "¿Cuál es tu dialecto favorito del español?" ("dialecto español" could be "Spanish dialect" or "dialect from Spain [of any language]". And there is no Argentine Spanish, you probably refer to Rioplatense Spanish, the most spoken dialect in Argentina and Uruguay. But many Argentinians speak Andean Spanish and other dialects.


i thought argentine spanish would stand alone for its "sh" sound which is the one i like?


All people in Uruguay speak Rioplatense (excepting some speakers or Portuñol, "Portuspanish", in the North) and more than half Argentine people speak it. Younger people use sh, a female and upper-class feature some decades ago, older people prefer zh.

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