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'Practice weak skills' does not update some skills

I recently set out to bring my French tree back to gold after ten weeks of neglect, using 'practice weak skills', mostly in the iOS app.

This works fine except that four skills just will not show any strengthening at all, and are still at 1 or 2 bars when all others are gold or 1 bar off gold. And I have answered questions with the relevant words correctly many times. The four skills are

  1. Basics 2

  2. Être/avoir (though bizarrely the words listed as weak are only " ce " and " c' ", not a verb in sight)

  3. Irregular plurals

  4. Verbs modal

Very similar things seem to happen in other languages.

I know of course that I could just practice these skills directly, but my question is WHY the 'Practice Weak Skills' algorithm is not working for them?

April 21, 2014



I'll have our team take a closer look and let you know why this is happening!


You may have just been getting few questions involving those lessons, which would seem very unlikely though. You can try to get in touch with a moderator.

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