"My trousers are jeans."

Translation:Mon pantalon est un jean.

April 14, 2018

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I can see the frustration coming off the page in some of the comments in these posts, but that's what Duo does! Throwing a curve ball, or bowling a googly (for cricket fans) may be irritating, but we will certainly not forget un pantalon, un jean = a pair of trousers, a pair of jeans. Keep them coming Duo, we'll step up to the plate/wicket and drive it through the bleachers/deep covers.


I entered "mon pantanlon est jean". The correction shows "Mon pantalon est 1 jean". What is 1 jean?


It is just an error in the algorithm.

Since "un" means both the article "a/an" and the numeral "one", the correct answer is:

  • Mon pantalon is un jean (= a/one pair of jeans)


Why "des jeans" and not "les jeans"??


Because the singular version would be "mon pantalon est un jean" and the plural of "un" is "des".


it's plural, not singular (according to previous lessons: un= a/ one)

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