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No Klingon in Android?

I've been using the site since I started Klingon and then downloaded the Android Klingon text-to-speech engine to go with the course. When I opened the Duolingo app on my phone to test it out, though, it began by asking me which language I wanted to study, much like with a new user, and Klingon wasn't an option. Is it just not available in the app yet? Is this a beta thing? Does the TTS engine work within Chrome on Android?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, I've never studied a language in beta before, just wondering before I submit a ticket over a standard issue with new courses or something.

April 14, 2018



Usually Beta languages don’t get a release on mobile until several months after the website release (when they are more stable or out of beta). There are a few exceptions both in time frames (High Valyrian never got a mobile release as of now) and mobile releases being first for the Asian languages with a non-Latin script, but it’s more than likely you’ll have to wait a while before you can use the app for Klingon.


Ah, thanks - that's what I suspected. I answered my own question about Chrome by trying it, and it did work, so I'm satisfied. :-)


To be honest, I'm glad that Klingon isn't available on the mobile apps yet, because most app users don't have access to the tips and notes that explain the grammar -- and I think it's much harder than it has to be to try to learn Klingon only from looking at sentences and trying to guess why they work how they work, rather than reading an explanation.

Some try to make up for this lack of understanding by posting in the sentence discussions (which are available to Android app users though not on iOS), but then people basically end up repeating what's already been written in the tips and notes -- only scattered over dozens of sentence discussions rather than collected in one place.

So I'd recommend sticking with the website for now, and making sure to read the tips and notes before starting a new unit -- unfortunately, the recent "Crowns" redesign has made them a lot less prominent than they used to be, "hiding" them behind a lightbulb rather than displaying them as soon as the unit was opened.


Thanks for the tips, I've definitely needed the tips and notes, fortunately I started this course the day before I got switched over to Crowns, so I saw the first batch of notes the old way. lol I actually agree with you about the app, it's part of why I use the site more, though I have a Samsung Note Edge with S-pen, so I also like to practice on my phone by writing rather than typing, since some studies have shown that's the best way to get something into your head. But, it works great in Chrome on my phone, so best of both worlds. :-)


Only an idiot savant could learn Klingon on an app without tips and notes. I eagerly await it's release anyway, if only to look cool in front of others.


Is out now for mobile, but the audios don't work (or they don't work for me, at least).


The Klingon course does not have any audio yet, anywhere.

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