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My Practice is being ignored, seems I just blew my sreak..

I've just did Practice four times a row in web browser and two times in the app, yet in both places it shows 0% progress. Where could be a problem, how to fix? Not sure about how to keep streaks if such errors happen.

April 14, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Try doing a normal exercise and see if that fixes the streak problem. If not, it may be your browser.


    hours later, in the morning, it suddenly works. thank you. it rather seems that lessons done after midnight were added to the last day's xp score.


    Pretty sure practice doesn’t award xp now cause it doesn’t contribute to your crown levels.

    Personally I am ignoring the practice option for now. I’ll likely use it once all my crowns are 3-4 tohelp review words that I am weak at.


    Partly true - XPs won't give neither Crowns nor Fluency percentage, still XPs are at play for Daily Goal and Streak features and when it is about Clubs Leaderboards.


    you are right, i just did a practice and was awarded 10 xp. For some reason I thought it didnt offer XP any more.


    i need one more follow

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