"C'est ce que je lui ai dit."

Translation:That is what I told him.

April 14, 2018

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sorry probably a stupid question. but what is the ce doing there?


When "what" is not an interrogative word, you can translate it to "ce qui" if it is a subject or "ce que" if it is a direct object:

  • That's what bothers me = c'est ce qui m'ennuie.
  • That's what I told him = c'est ce que je lui ai dit.


it is this that i told him

Why is this wrong?


Use natural English when making your translation. The literal, word-for-word method really doesn't work here. Perhaps you understand the meaning--now put it in standard English.


I wrote "It is that which I have told him" and got it wrong. Perhaps it's because my profession requires me to use lengthy, wordy, stilted language that I didn't translate my English into "natural" English, lol.

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