"Nitaenda nyumbani ili nisafishe vizuri!"

Translation:I am going to go home so I can clean properly!

April 14, 2018

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Why not "I will go home in order to clean well"?


That also looks like a perfect translation. Report it.


I will go home in order to clean well! - Reported 5/20/2021


This lesson is really frustrating. Synonyms are not accepted!


Yes where does the 'to go' come from?


It comes from the -enda. The "am going" is from the -ta-. Ni - I, -ta- will (am going to), -enda go. I will go or I am going to go.


This is a stumper. The verb is in the future tence so you don't use am. That is presrnt tense!


"I am going to go" is another form of future tense.

It's actually possible to express nita(kw)enda as any of "I will go", "I am going to go" and just "I am going" (as long as the context allows - an arranged/booked plan that involves others and the temporal context in the communication). If I have booked my plane tickets, I would say I am going to Spain next week and would never say I will go to Spain next week as that implies I am deciding right now. In Swahili, you can simply say nita(kw)enda for all of these possibilities.

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