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  5. "Yo soy muy perezoso."

"Yo soy muy perezoso."

Translation:I'm very lazy.

April 14, 2018



Tiempo para una siesta


Si! Estoy cansada.....


Ooooo ill be using this one a lot! :D


If the sentence was "I am very lazy today", would this change the Spanish translation to Yo estoy muy perezoso hoy"?


Very good question. I believe you would be correct though I'm very tired so a second opinion just to confirm would be nice.

In Duo's sentence we are talking about a characteristic that the person normally displays so 'ser' is correctly used.

In your sentence however we are saying it is a condition that the person is displaying for today and not necessarily something they normally display. 'Estar' is used for these types of situations.

Edit I am now no longer tired and after reviewing my earlier statement would now like give a second opinion: It is correct. :)


Thanks Michael. I enjoy reading your comments. They are always very helpful. Your replies to others have helped me in the past.


It turns out that submitting the English translation "I am very lazy" is marked as incorrect :( I think that's an error.


"I am very lazy" is not counted as correct, and no "My answer is correct" option shows on the Report menu.


I am very lazy


Duo, don't evolve 'very', use 'so', 'a lot', 'extremely' ...


I found this confusing- the speaker is obviously female, but uses 'perezoso'- can anyone explain?


Because it does not matter - the voice is picked randomly, i think.


Same here: how can the woman be saying that she is perezoso instead of perezosa?


Alvera13. I'm sensing some frustration from you but try not to give up. If you believe you had the right answer you do have the option of reporting it (use the REPORT button at the bottom). If you have questions as to why your answer was marked wrong then your best option would be to copy and paste it into a post on this discussion board and ask other users what the error is. Also, remember that if you REPLY to another users post that user will be notified directly and might be more likely to respond.

Also, you can delete your extraneous posts by clicking the delete button. This helps keep the boards clean so it is easier for us to help one another. Thanks and good luck.


Why not floja?


honesty at its finest. :)

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