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Clubs should be added to the PC Duolingo for universal access.

Hallo, Ich bin Hannah. Ich spreche Englisch und Deutsch.

Clubs, in my experience, are a necessity for both learning and practicing a new language. Not only are they useful for this, but through the personal interactions and encouragement Learners are given a new willpower to have conversations in full via a foreign vocabulary.

As I have joined a German club on my IOS device, I see this experience as a fundamental part of this outstanding website. Truly I wish to have a more versatile edition of my uplifting club members on my laptop as I find the mobile version to be, although useful, slightly less functional than the traditional computer.

Therefore, I implore you to ponder the effectiveness of this function and to help change all of our lives through a new and exciting vocabulary. Danke und auf Wiedersehen.

April 14, 2018


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