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'Tout le monde est allé..' or 'Tout le monde sont allés..'

Do I use 'Tout le monde est allé..' or 'Tout le monde sont allés..'? I'm a bit confused

Any help would be appreciated :)

April 14, 2018



Just like the English word "everybody", the expression "tout le monde" is grammatically singular, so it will be "Tout le monde est allé."

It seems like "tout le monde" should be plural since it refers to lots of people, doesn't it? However, you might notice that the actual words of the expression, and particularly the noun "monde", are all singular, which is the important thing here.

Did that clear things up for you?


Tres bien dit yes 'monde' is like 'groupe' it's a one unity even if it relates to "many' so it's singular, and "Sont" relates to the verb 'etre' plural mode. So can't be used

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