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"Même si je demande, elle ne me pardonne jamais."

Translation:Even though I ask, she never forgives me.

April 15, 2018



Even if I ask she never pardons me


Beg pardon, that is bad english because the first part of the sentence hasn't happened yet, requiring a future tense for the second part as in "she will never pardon/forgive me" (if it ever happens that I ask).


This sentence can describe repeated occurrences, all in simple present.

"Even if/when I ask, she never forgives me"


Does "Même que je..." work in this sentence?


"Même que" is not a conjunction. You can only use it with the adjective "même" in a comparison: cette voiture est la même que la mienne (this car is the same as mine).

The conjunction is "même si".

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