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"That was a very important scientific discovery."

Translation:Ese fue un descubrimiento científico muy importante.

April 15, 2018



Why is it ese and not eso?


I think it's referring to that discovery, so the masculine form is needed. Eso is the neuter form.


Right, Marcy. But if the sentence were: That was very important, I think one has to go with Eso fue muy importante. ?Correcto?


Hola, Talca. Creo que sí.


I'm not so sure "eso" would refer to discovery. Seems like "eso" would refer to the specific thing that was discovered. E.g., penicillin or the theory of relativity. Since we don't know from the sentence what the discovery is, why wouldn't it be neuter? (Or do they assume the specific discovery would have been referenced earlier in the conversation, so they are looking for either ese OR esa? Hmmm... .)


Went back and tried it with "esa," but they don't accept that. They only accept "ese," as though it does refer to descubrimiento.. But still seems to me like the pronoun "es[e/a/o]' would refer to the specific discovery. Double hmmm...


I dont understand the structure, why is " muy importante" last ???


I'm not a native speaker, but the way I see it is to first remove "muy" here, just to make it less confusing. Then we have "descubrimiento científico importante." Then this is simple Spanish word order where adjectives follow the noun. I believe you could switch the location of the words cientifico and importante if you wanted to, but then it just becomes a matter of which would be more clear to the listener.

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