New to Korean


I started learning Korean this past February and am looking for any tips that might help me progress faster.

In addition to Duolingo I am now trying to "immerse" myself more on a daily basis. I have the Korean alphabet on my keyboard for computer and phone, I listen to Korean music, and am starting to watch Korean movies and TV.

Since this language is so different than my native tongue (English) I wanted to see if any Korean speakers or learners had suggestions for becoming fluent.

As far as timeline, I am aiming to become fluent in 2 years.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

April 15, 2018


I also just recently started learning Korean. I love it so far, and I am doing all the same things. I've done some more research though and it is extremely helpful to make sure you practice writing what you are learning. Writing it has been what really imprinting it in my mind because I learn very well visually. Also, it will be helpful to watch Professor Oh's videos and Song Won's videos on youtube and learn about their culture and how they address each other. Also, I've been looking into finding "pen pals" online or a website for language exchange, where you can both help each other out and learn from a local. I've also found a website that I am going to be trying out where there are online tutors for very reasonable rates. Here is the website! Hope this was helpful and that you keep it up! :)

April 16, 2018

Hi! I think you already know how to immerse yourself. I would suggest to use other sources to learn if you are just using Duolingo. For exemple, you can do some Talk To Me In Korean or Go Billy lessons as complement. Sometimes, you just need to see some things on different perspectives in order to understand better. I find that it helped me a lot. If you can, talk a lot with people in Korean. That's really the fastest way to learn the language. Even if you don't know much, don't be afraid to talk the few words you know. If nobody talks Korean around you, there are a lot of possibilities and apps that allow you to practice with somebody through internet. The last advice I can think of is to have a journal. That way, you can write sentences with the new vocabulary. Don't worry if you make grammatical mistakes because in the end, it will just help you to practice and remember your vocab. You can always correct your sentences with itranslate or with Korean speaking people.

Good luck!

April 15, 2018

For me, I used Duolingo and Memrise when I first started learning Korean. After getting used to the language, I started asking questions on HiNative where you can ask native speakers anything from pronunciation to grammar. I also found this site which is super helpful (I'm continuing my learning there since I've completed both Duolingo and Memrise).

I've been studying for almost a year now and I can say that it may be hard at times, but it is really fun. I would place myself at an intermediate level, but sometimes I struggle with some grammar and feel like a beginner.

My advice would be to stay consistent with your studying. Try to immerse yourself as much as possible with the language: music, tv, podcasts, reading material, etc. Keep several notebooks where you can practice writing phrases or words and their definitions. Also write down different grammar concepts. When you write it out, it helps the language to stick in your brain longer. I would also suggest trying to structure your own sentences. It can be challenging, but it's a great way to test yourself on how much knowledge you've retained. I can't think of any other advice, but maybe you don't need advice anymore since this was posted three months ago, lol. How's your progress?

July 26, 2018
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