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Cant understand the meaning of levels

Seriously - "nuestros libros" at level 4 of possession???

Cant wait for level 5 - maye I will have to answer what "mi gato" means...

April 15, 2018



You're another person who has whizzed through your tree and not taken any skills bar two beyond levels 1 or 2. It's no wonder some of the earlier questions in the skill tree are proving relatively easy for you.

The crown levels system has been designed for people starting out and has been designed in such a way that the individual lesson questions and translations get progressively more difficult as the crown level rises. I'm sure you would agree that it would be as equally silly to have all the crown level questions as easy as each other as it is to have them all as difficult as each other, thus the questions are a mixture of difficult and easy as you progress the crown levels.

Having completed about a quarter of my tree skills to crown level 5, I can assure you the questions progress in difficulty and number. Eg. possessives has 36 exercises, household has double that at 72!

In my opinion it's silly criticising the new Crown levels system when you've converted so few of your existing tree to level 5. Try doing a few more further down the tree than the very top ones and see how easy the level 4 and 5 questions are.


I agree. I just finished possessives and I have done all previous exercises to level 5. I find the repetition a bit tedious sometimes, but it is valuable in terms of helping me remember words intuitively. Learning a new language is difficult at this age. I struggle with the sentences that have no subject sometimes. Not sure if its "I" or "You." Oh well, it'll probably get easier as I learn to recognize more verbs. I've only been at this for a week.


Yeah, but what were the other 10-20 questions asked? Were they more difficult than crown 1?

Personally on crown 5 I would be expecting some easy and some hard questions.


Agree with spiceyokooko. "Possession" is only the sixth skill. You don't have much vocabulary to work with yet. Wait until you're about 2/3 through the tree and you'll see more complex structures and more nuanced word usage at the higher crown levels.

Also, do you have your mic and speakers enabled? If so you'll get more listening and speaking exercises at the higher crown levels.


Yeah, like when people complain that crown 5 of Basic skill isnt difficult. You cant exactly do a lot with words like man woman boy girl and apple

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