"On the weekend, I take my time."

Translation:Le week-end, je prends mon temps.

April 15, 2018

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La fin de semaine, je prend mon temps En fin de semaine. The french use it in Québec.


I am studying french so that we can go to Québec and also because of my husband's French Canadian heritage (We are in US). I appreciate it when the Québecois point out the differences between the French taught in Duo and that spoken in Québec. Thank you


"Le week-end, je prends mon temps." 'On the weekends' is not accepted yet in another sentence 'on the weekends' is marked as correct. This doesn't seem to be context issue but just another example of having to guess what Duolingo wants as the correct answer.


I'm curious about use of week-end vs. fin de semaine... "Week-end" seems to be an anglaisis?


Yes, "un week-end" (or weekend) is "un anglicisme".

The French don't use "une fin de semaine", probably because it is too long.


Je prends mon temps le week-end. Ce n'est pas correct?


Why not “ce week-end, je prends mon temps” ?


Because you would not use a simple present tense if "on the week-end" were the weekend to come.

  • On the weekend, I will take my time.


You’re right! The answer I tried would change the meaning


Is it also because you're speaking generally? In the same way that "Les meres..." can mean mothers in general, "Le week-end" can mean a general weekend? I tried "Dans le week-end..." and it marked me wrong


Est-ce qu'on peut dire "sur le week-end je prends mon temps"? Et également, peut-on dire "les week-ends..."?


No, you should not use "sur" to mean "on the week-ends".
You should not use a plural either because it is reserved for limited periods of time, like "les week-ends d'été" (possessive case).


Why is "Dans le week-end [...]" not accepted?


Because French prepositions do not often translate to/from English prepositioNS;

The closest to your suggestion would be "dans le cours du weekend" = in the course of the weekend.

But this sentence is about the whole weekend and every weekend, so "le weekend".


Does the sentence «je prends mon temps» sound natural in French? I know that "taking my time" is a common sentence, but since it isn't literally translated in languages like Portuguese or Spanish, I was unsure about it.


Yes, it is natural and common.

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