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Can someone explain this?

Why is it nach instead of von in the sentence "Insgesamt wurden Waffengeschäfte im Wert von 880 Millionen Euro gebilligt, nach 2,2 Milliarden Euro im entsprechenden Vorjahresquartal,"?

LG Jason

April 15, 2018



Because the value of the weapon trade now was 880 million Euro, but in the last year's corresponding quarter ("nach" which this €880 mil. deal was made) this value was 2.2 billion Euro.

So I would roughly translate the sentence as follows:

"A total of 880 million Euros of arms deals were approved, after 2.2 billion Euros in last year's corresponding quarter."

Please, correct me, if I am wrong, neither German nor English is my native language.


Agreed. "gebilligt" means "approved", not "went down".


The "nach" assumes the meaning of "in comparison with". "Von" would mean that out of 2,2 billion ...only 880 Million were approved.

I'd say "following the 2,2 billion of the previous ... only 800 million were approved". That explains the "nach" better.

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