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French Study Plan and Useful Links

Salut! These links and apps are all FREE and have NO premium plan (except for Memrise, Memrise has a free plan aswell, which I am using). I’ve put together a study plan/schedule for learning French, it’s easy to follow and has many useful links so you can make your own plan if you want. I’ll be adding links as I go along, so make sure to follow the discussion. Use the links to practise French and you’ll be fluent in no time! There’s a “For Fun” section, that’s just for when you get bored of doing excersices but still want to learn. An Asterisk (*) means it’s a new link!

-Talk to a fluent speaker. Get one https://www.hellolingo.com -Practise Duolingo everyday (at least 10 XP)
-Practise Memrise every week (at least 10 new words)
-Use TinyCards (app) for every skill you finish in Duolingo
-Do these lessons every week http://www.elearningfrench.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8MvWBRC8ARIsAOFSVBWY3EPResjthoOkKnZkrjA4astP-0wkZBinXbq-ne57MsRtaLEFnMcaAh3UEALw_wcB

-Watch these videos http://www.learner.org/resources/series83.html (If you don’t live in the US or Canada use this YouTube series instead https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eq--V9P4rmM)
-Learn this list http://www.fourmilab.ch/francais/gender.html
-Learn a random verb http://www.verbedujour.com/random/
-Listen to this news podcast https://www.newsinslowfrench.com
-Watch these funny videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJDhxC_9ktI
-This website is another fun course (full of vocab) http://www.elearningfrench.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw8MvWBRC8ARIsAOFSVBWY3EPResjthoOkKnZkrjA4astP-0wkZBinXbq-ne57MsRtaLEFnMcaAh3UEALw_wcB

-Take this Test and be at least B2 https://progress.lawlessfrench.com/my-languages/french/achievements
-Get ClozeMaster (app) and earn 50 points a day
-Level 3 on all skills on Français on Duolingo
-Reach at least French 3 in Memrise

-Help in pronouncing both French and Irish words https://forvo.com
-Dictionary http://www.wordreference.com

-Free Newsletter that comes with useful PDFs and audio MP3s https://www.talkinfrench.com
-Countless quizzes for verbs/vocab http://bescherelle.com/tous-les-quiz

April 15, 2018



I LOVE "French in Action" (shown as "]FOR FUN] -Watch these videos" on your list)
It's only available in the USA and Canada, though, so not useful to folks in other countries.

You had a lot of resources that I really like, and a lot I'm not familiar with that I plan to check into. Thanks for a great post!


Lawless French looks fantastic! I tested at A2. I should be better, as long as I've been doing French, but I think that's a fair assessment of where I really am.


Yeah, I tested as A2 as well, I think I’m there and hopefully I’ll be mouch I proved in a year!


Sure! I’ll be posting more links soon! Xx


I’ve added another fun YouTube series that everyone in the world can watch!


Useful ! , very thanks. If you need to improve listening skills, I have a lot of links ;



This is great ! When do you think you'll achieve your goals and what level are you now in French ?


I’m A2, and I’ll hopefully (?) achieve them by 2019, but honestly I get distracted and bored easily, so I’ll just have to try my best :)


Thank you for this list of resources! I tipped you a lingot. Merci pour cette liste de resource. Je vous donne un lingot.


Merci beaucoup et “Happy Learning” :)


Thanks! I've spent a fair bit of time finding french resources but had never heard of lawlessfrench.com. It was pretty disappointing to be only A1, but good for my motivation to know how much more I have to go. Cheers for sharing :)


Yeah, but don’t worry, you’ll improve!


how many free quizes do you get on lawless?


You get 10 free quizzes, so I’d say do the ability test (A1-C2) and then use Duolingo for a while and do it again, so you can see an improvement. As you only get 10 use them wisely.

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