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  5. "petaQ quvHa' ghaH DuraS'e'."

"petaQ quvHa' ghaH DuraS'e'."

Translation:Duras was a dishonored p'tak.

April 15, 2018



No I don't have a typo with "dishonoured".


Added. Feel free to use the "my answer should have been accepted" report. The other reports are useless since they don't give us any information. So if what you want to report is covered by one of the other reports, please come to the discussion forum. But if it's just a spelling or wording variation that we seem to have missed, "my answer should have been accepted" shows us the alternate and allows us to correct it more easily.


Is 'dishonorable' an acceptable alternative translation for quvHa', or does it have to mean 'dishonored'? I thought I'd asked this on another (similar) sentence once, but I'll be darned if I can find it now. It could be that my original comment never posted properly.


We've had discussions about this... I don't remember the outcome, but for now, I'd recommend that you stick with "dishonored" as that is the gloss provided to us in the dictionary.

And quv as a verb is "be honored" -- though boQwI' lists "be honorable" as an alternative, it's not clear where that comes from and whether that translation can be considered authoritative or valid.


It comes from an article in HolQeD, I believe, where Dr. Okrand is discussing something else (the use of -Ha' I think) and uses quv as an example and there parenthetically defines it as "be honored, be honorable". Even so, I think it is a mistake to include that as an accepted translation since it misleads students into a confused understanding of the line between quv and batlh.


Yes, the line between quv and batlh doesn't need any more blurring! :-)

Although I still have a long ways to go in actually learning to speak Klingon, I'm beginning to think that I might really enjoy, and benefit from reading, this HolQed. Do I understand correctly that is is the regular (quarterly?) journal of the KLI, and that the way one subscribes to it is by becoming a member of the same? I think I might enjoy that. Maybe even make it to a qepHom at some point in the future!


Once upon a time it was sent quarterly to members. New issues are no longer published, but you can buy back issues from the KLI on its webpage.


It's not being published anymore? Bummer. :( I suppose with the internet being what it is now, newsletters have become a somewhat archaic and inefficient means of distributing information, and all the big discussions take place at the qepHommey, which have become the home of the main linguistic symposia for the members. Yes?


Yes. I couldn't find the post where I'd originally asked this question for a long time, so I was unable to read your replies, but I finally just found it a couple of hours ago. I think I understand now, so now I just need to drill it into my head! I think the boQwI' entry was serving to confusing me. Thanks again for all your help, with this and everything else!

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