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  5. "Večer jíme lehká jídla."

"Večer jíme lehká jídla."

Translation:In the evening, we eat light meals.

April 15, 2018



I said in the evening we eat light food and got it wrong. Pretty sure my version was fine.


As I understood, "večer" is in the nominative case and there are not any preposition in this sentence. Does it mean that it's a common way to speak about the part of the day? Odpoledne jíme lehká jídla, for instance.


I just reported this, but this is the specific issue: "Večer" on the SLOW speed, REALLY sounds like "večerE:" This is unfortunate, since the slow speed is particularly useful for hearing the Czech accurately.


There is some schwa or some short noise at the end of večer, but it sounds acceptabe to me.

Maybe it is because schwa is not phonemic in Czech but it is in English, so you hear it better and we ten to ignore it as unimportant.


Interesting... thank you! To me it really sounds like a an extra vowel in there. Maybe I'll get used to it, too, in time.


Sounds fine to my ears. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Vecer is the same as night


Why can't you say 'dishes' for 'jídla'?


To my (native AmE) ear, "food" or "meals" feels a little more natural, but that might be just a regional thing; I can imagine "dishes" being used as well. I have added it.


what is wrong with "we eat a light meal for dinner"?


There is no dinner in the Czech sentence.

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