"Les plages sont très belles ici."

Translation:Beaches are very nice here.

April 15, 2018

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The beaches here are very nice.....not sure why this is incorrect


Changing the word order when not grammatically required is always risky.


This sounds odd to me. "The beaches are nice here" sounds better.


Can't "belles" also mean "pretty"?


I will never understand why Duo insists that belle = beautiful (or nice) and joli = pretty. These are complete synonyms in English, imo. I can never remember which one to use because I don't differentiate.


In my opinion, they are not synonyms in either language. However, the distinction is necessary in French.


The problem is this, in my opinion. "Pretty" designates a certain physical beauty. And that seems to me what belle designates. "Nice" does not necessarily have "beauty" associated with it. A beach can be nice because it is flat. A beach can be nice because it is not rocky (like at Nice, France) but has lots of sand. A beach can be nice for many reasons, none of which have any physical beauty associated. And that is why many of us have problems with the word "nice". "Nice" is just a generic English word that means "I am OK with it." Or, "It doesn't bother me."


But "beautiful" is stronger than "pretty". The girl next door can be pretty, while also being nothing special. But Miss World is beautiful.


so neither pretty nor lovely are acceptable, it just has to be ''nice''. wow, didn't know i have to relearn english to learn this course


pretty/lovely = jolies


'belles' can also be translated as 'beautiful' in this context. When I submitted 'Beaches are very beautiful here' it was marked as wrong. I am not sure why my answer was not accepted


I don't know either, because this translation is accepted.


"The beaches here are beautiful" is still rejected


I assume because "very" has been omitted

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