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Tu manges le poulet

Why is it only "You eat the chicken" and not "You're eating the chicken"? Thanks!

April 15, 2018



I was just reading a discussion that said something about "sensual" verbs ("see", "hear", and I suppose "eat"? Maybe?) are not translated as continuous progressive (are ...ing).

Instead, those verbs use "Tu est en train de...."

Perhaps manger is one of those verbs. Or perhaps it's an oversight. I'm not well versed enough in French to know for sure.


The opposite would tend to be true, as "en train de" is only used with action verbs, and not states, like see, hear etc. It is not an obligation, though, and I am struggling to think of a situation when it is absolutely necessary. The normal verb "tu manges" is much more common.


Both should be accepted, so you should flag it if it's not. It is possible to say "Tu es en train de manger" for "you are eating", but usually the form "Tu manges" is used for both.

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I agree, English likes the continuous present a lot more than French, "tu manges" can be used for both. "En train de" can be used if you want to put emphasis on the simultaneity of the action but it's not required.


There was a thread recently about how many possible correct answers there can be to a question, even a simple one. (And for a complex sentence, it could be in the hundreds or even thousands.)

Each correct answer has to be typed in separately, there's no AI in Duolingo. It's easy to leave some out, even some obvious ones.

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