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"Last night we watched a movie."

Translation:Anoche miramos una película.

April 15, 2018



Just want to be sure I got this understanding about the translation. Without "Anoche" this could be translated as "We watch a movie" in present tense.


As long as you stay with mirar, that's right. Miramos can mean both "we are watching" (Present form) and "we watched" (Preterite form).

In general, the nosotros forms of regular '-ar' and '-ir' verbs will always be the same for the Present and Preterite.


¿Miramos o vimos?


Ver (vimos) is look, mirar (miramos) is watch. In reference to movies and TV, I've (so far) only ever seen mirar used.


Mirar is rather "to look at" (about what your eyes actively do), and ver is "to see" or "to watch" (about what your eyes receive).

Saying "ver la televisión" or "ver una película" is pretty common.


Vimos is used more commonly throughout the Spanish dialects, but either is okay.


According to my in-laws in Argentina it is "vemos una pelicula." But there is no consensus. It depends where you are.

Digging deeper because we know that language can commonly be misused, I found this: Ver significa: percibir una persona, animal o cosa por la vista.

Mirar significa: fijar o dirigir la vista con atención.

Ver means to perceive and mirar means to direct your visual attention to. We have the same distinction in to look at (ver) and to see (mirar).

Then, to watch a movie you probably pay attention to it so mirar una pelicula. And both are acceptable depending on where you are and local usage.


Doesn't anoche mean tonight not last night?


No, anoche is definitely "last night". "Tonight" is usually expressed with "esta noche".


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