"Tyto lidi neznáme."

Translation:We do not know these people.

April 15, 2018

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Why tito lidé (masc pl) and tyto lidí (fem pl)? Both seem to have the same meaning, but when do we use the one way rather than the other?


(tito) lidé is nominative plural. It's always masculine.

(tyto) lidi is accusative plural. It's the object, not the subject in this sentence, that's why we use accusative here.


It's clear now. I checked both phrases and your explanation fits in fact. My question was kind of silly, but at least it cleared up something important. Thanks and till the next problem :-)


What pattern does "lide" follow. It doesn't look like muž or kluk. Is it an exception?


Translation of the note: "in nominative and vocative pl. there are masculine animate forms (like sousedé) with a colloquial variant lidi; other plural forms are according to the feminine pattern „kost“"

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