"starý hrad"

Translation:old castle

April 15, 2018



hrad is more of a ruin, whereas castle would be zamek.

April 15, 2018



Hrad refers to castles built roughly before 1500. Think of the Middle Ages, fortifications, towers and moats.

Zámek is more of a manor house or French château.

'Ruin' is either ruina or zřícenina.

April 15, 2018


Endless_sleepers's explanation is excelent. For those interested, especially Slavic languages speakers:

hrad is a very old word closely related to grad or gorod in other Slavic languages where they often mean a city. It is derived from "hradit" which mean to fence (i.e. fortify). Cf. ohrada - a particular type of fence.

A modern a château or a manor house - zámek or zámeček - is not a fortified place but a residence. The word also means a lock (compare with German Schloss).

April 15, 2018
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