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"Keiner übernimmt den Schüler."

March 23, 2013



...I'm sorry, even with the translations, I'm not sure what's going on here. Is it supposed to mean something like "no one is taking care of the students"? If so, I'm confused as to why it didn't take my "no one is controlling the students".


I think we need to take this to the main discussions, I'm having trouble with this too!


When is übernimmt taking over and when is it to take???


Maybe it means take, as in to take in a fight (as in, win a fight against someone)? That could also be kind of related to 'take over' as well......


Does it mean nobody controls students minds?


No one takes over the students. Right? Wrong?


I guess they were talking like if there was a "lone student", like if a teacher wanted to take him/her. Like imagine it was a student drawing auction.


Is "Keiner" yet another use for "kein" or is it something else completely that just kind of looks like "kein"?

Also, when should I use "Keiner" and when should I use "niemand"?


well, if übernehmen can be understood as take over, this could be implying that no one is taking over FROM the student. As in, once the student has finished [whatever he is doing/ is in charge of], no one will carry on in his place. Whether this is correct or not, or whether a further preposition is needed in conjunction with übernehmen in order to arrive at my idea, I leave it to a 'native' to confirm.


I would say it just means taking the student into care, whether that means it's for his/her safety or for the purpose of furthering the student's education.

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